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Book Chapters (1)
King, Alison J., Humphries, Paul and McCaster, Nicole (2013). Reproduction and early life history. In Humphries, Paul and Walker, Keith(Ed.), Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes. Melbourne, Australia: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Publishing (CSIRO Publishing). (pp. 159-192). 55  
Journal Articles (13)
King, Alison J., Gawne, Ben, Beesley, Leah, Koehn, John D., Nielsen, Daryl and Price, Amina (2015). Improving Ecological Response Monitoring of Environmental Flows. Environmental Management (New York): an international journal for decision-makers, scientists and environmental auditors,55(5):991-1005. 120   2
King, Alison J., Townsend, Simon A., Douglas, Michael M. and Kennard, Mark J. (2015). Implications of water extraction on the low-flow hydrology and ecology of tropical savannah rivers: an appraisal for northern Australia. Freshwater Science,34(2):741-758. 124   22
Cheshire, K. J. M., Ye, Q., Gillanders, B. M. and King, Alison (2015). Annual Variation in Larval Fish Assemblages in a Heavily Regulated River During Differing Hydrological Conditions. River Research and Applications: an international journal devoted to river research and management,32(6):1207-1219. 123   0
Beesley, Leah S., Gwinn, Daniel C., Price, Amina, King, Alison J., Gawne, Ben, Koehn, John D. and Nielsen, Daryl L. (2014). Juvenile fish response to wetland inundation: how antecedent conditions can inform environmental flow policies for native fish. Journal of Applied Ecology,51(6):1613-1621. 95   6
Bond, Nick, Costelloe, Justin, King, Alison, Warfe, Danielle, Reich, Paul and Balcombe, Stephen (2014). Ecological risks and opportunities from engineered artificial flooding as a means of achieving environmental flow objectives. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment,12(7):386-394. 113 133 12
Beesley, Leah, King, Alison J., Gawne, Ben, Koehn, John D., Price, Amina, Nielsen, Daryl, Amtstaetter, Frank and Meredith, Shaun N. (2014). Optimising environmental watering of floodplain wetlands for fish. Freshwater Biology,59(10):2024-2037. 51   1
McCarthy, Bernard, Zukowski, Sylvia, Whiterod, Nick, Vilizzi, Lorenzo, Beesley, Leah and King, Alison (2014). Hypoxic blackwater event severely impacts Murray crayfish (Euastacus armatus) populations in the Murray River, Australia. Austral Ecology: a journal of ecology in the Southern Hemisphere,39(5):491-500. 106   Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Koehn, John, King, Alison, Beesley, Leah, Copeland, Craig, Zampatti, Brenton and Mallen-Cooper, Martin (2014). Flows for native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin: lessons and considerations for future management. Ecological Management and Restoration,15(Supplement s1):40-50. 90   Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Tonkin, Z., Ramsey, David, Macdonald, Jed, Crook, David A., King, Alison and Kaus, Andrew (2013). Does localized control of invasive eastern gambusia (Poeciliidae: Gambusia holbrooki) increase population growth of generalist wetland fishes?. Austral Ecology: a journal of ecology in the Southern Hemisphere,Article in press:1-12. 111  
Vilizzi, Lorenzo, Price, Amina, Beesley, Leah, Gawne, Ben, King, Alison, Koehn, John, Meredith, Shaun and Nielsen, Daryl (2013). Model development of a Bayesian Belief Network for managing inundation events for wetland fish. Environmental Modelling and Software,41:1-14. 107   Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Beesley, Leah, King, Alison, AMTSTAETTER, Frank, Koehn, John, Gawne, Ben, Price, Amina, Nielsen, Daryl, Vilizzi, Lorenzo and Meredith, Shaun (2012). Does flooding affect spatiotemporal variation of fish assemblages in temperate floodplain wetlands?. Freshwater Biology,57(11):2230-2246. 102   Cited 5 times in Scopus5 2
Macdonald, Jed, Tonkin, Z., Ramsey, David, Kaus, Andrew, King, Alison J. and Crook, David A. (2012). Do invasive eastern gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki) shape wetland fish assemblage structure in south-eastern Australia?. Marine and Freshwater Research,63(8):659-671. 126   Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
King, Alison, Tonkin, Z and Lieshcke, J (2012). Short-term effects of a prolonged blackwater event on aquatic fauna in the Murray River, Australia: considerations for future events. Marine and Freshwater Research,63(7):576-586. 119   Cited 16 times in Scopus16 7