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Journal Articles (42)
Kirshbaum, Marilynne N., Stead, Maxine and Bartys, Serena (2016). An exploratory study of Reiki experiences in women who have cancer<br />. International Journal of Palliative Nursing,22(4):166-172. 266 306 2
Kirshbaum, Marilynne N., Dent, J., Stephenson, J., Topping, A. E., Allinson, V., McCoy, M. and Brayford, S. (2016). Open access follow-up care for early breast cancer: a randomised controlled quality of life analysis. European Journal of Cancer Care,Online Open(Article No. ECC12577):1-9. 117 97 0
Kipling, Kipling, McCluskey, Serena, Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Garbutt, G. and Boduszek, Daniel (2015). Supervised exercise for older women treated for breast cancer. Preliminary results from a pilot randomised controlled trial.. Psycho-Oncology,24(1):9-9. 44   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Donbavand, Joanne (2014). Making the most out of life: Exploring the contribution of attention restorative theory in developing a non-pharmacological intervention for fatigue. ,12(6):527-527. 71   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Donbavand, Joanne (2014). Making the most out of life: Exploring the contribution of attention restorative theory in developing a non-pharmacological intervention for fatigue. Palliative & Supportive Care,12(6):473-480. 69   1
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2013). Reporting of scientific studies: misleading titles [Editorial]. British Journal of Community Nursing,15(10):417-417. 47   0
Wilson, Janet and Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2013). Effects of patient death on nursing staff: a literature review. British Journal of Nursing,20(9):559-563. 142   0
McDonnell, Ann, Gerrish, Kate, Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Nolan, Mike and Tod, Angela (2013). The perceived impact of advanced practice nurses (APNs) on promoting evidence-based practice amongst frontline nurses: findings from a collective case study. Journal of Research in Nursing,18(4):368-383. 109   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Olsen, Karin, Pongthavornkamol, Kanaungnit and Graffigna, Guendalina (2013). Understanding the meaning of fatigue at th end of life: An ethnoscience approach. European Journal of Oncology Nursing,17(2):146-153. 45   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne N. (2013). Cochrane Review Brief: Exercise Interventions on Health-Related Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors. OJIN: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing,18(3):Art.No.: CD007566. 38   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2012). Waking up to fatigue. British Journal of Community Nursing,17(2):49-49. 38   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Arrey, Sally K. (2012). An unspoken need. Britisch Journal of Community Nursing,17(8):355-355. 47   0
Pongthavornkamol, Kanaungnit, Olson, Karin, Soparatanapaisarn, Nopadol, Chatchaisucha, Sirirat, Khamkon, Aphorn, Potaros, Darussanee, Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Graffigna, Guendalina (2012). Comparing the meanings of fatigue in individuals with cancer in Thailand and Canada. Cancer Nursing,35(5):E1-E9. 98   1
Gerrish, Kate, Nolan, Mike, McDonnell, Ann, Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Guillaume, Louise (2012). Factors influencing advanced practice nurses' ability to promote evidence-based prectice among frontline nurses. World Views on Evidence-Based Nursing,9(1):30-39. 67   2
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Carey, Ian and Conrad, Laura (2011). Talking about dying and death. British Medical Journal (BMJ) Supportive & Palliative Care,1(2):266-266. 135 103 0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2011). Welcome to Nursing Reports. Nursing Reports,1(1:e1). 37 19 0
Gerrish, Kate, Guillaume, Louise, Kirshbaum, Marilynne, McDonnell, Ann, Tod, Angela and Nolan, Mike (2011). Factors influencing the contribution of advanced practice nurses to promoting evidence-based practice among front-line nurses: findings from a cross-sectional survey. Journal of Advanced Nursing,67(5):1079-1090. 103   1
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Carey, Ian, Purcell, Brigid and Nash, Seamus (2011). Talking about dying and death: a focus group study to explore a local community perspective. Nursing Reports,1(1:e8):29-34. 139 120 0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2011). Pharmacologic treatments for fatigue associated with palliative care. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing,15(4):438-439. 113   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2011). Talking about death and dying: Must we really?. British Journal of Community Nursing,16(4):181-181. 108   0
Gerrish, Kate, McDonnell, Ann, Kirshbaum, Marilynne and Tod, Angela (2011). The role of advanced practice nurses in knowledge brokering as a means of promoting evidence-based practice among clinical nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing,67(9):2004-2014. 111   1
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2010). Does protein and energy supplementation benefit elderly people at risk of malnutrition? [Review]. Nursing Times,106(39):21-22. 40  
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2010). Cancer-related fatigue: a review of nursing interventions. British Journal of Community Nursing,15(5):214-219. 129   0
Ghirotto, Luca, Pongthavornkam, Kanaungnit, Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Tarozzi, Massimiliano, Graffigna, Guendalina and Olson, Karin (2009). Understanding the meaning of fatigue: A cross-cultural study. Supportive Care in Cancer,17(7):892-893. 36  
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2008). Translation to Practice: A Randomised, Controlled Study of an Evidence-BAsed Booklet for Brest-Care Nurses in the United Kingdom. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing,5(2):60-74. 36   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2007). A review of the benefits of whole body exercise during and after treatment for breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Nursing,16(1):104-121. 126   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2005). A conceptual framework for targeting research dissemination interventions to meet the needs of breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom. Oncology Nursing Forum,32:164-164. 54  
Bird, Joanne and Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2005). Towards a framework of advanced nursing practice for the clinical research nurse in cancer care. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing,9(3-4):161-171. 67  
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2005). Promoting physical exercise in breast cancer care. Nursing Standard,19(41):41-48. 155   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2005). Moving forward in the care of people with cancer. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing,9(3-4):99-100. 110   0
Warnock, Clare, Tod, Angela, Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Powell, Claire and Sharman, Denise (2005). A pilot study examining nutrition and cancer patients: Factors influencing oncology patients receiving nutrition in an acute cancer unit. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing,9(3-4):197-201. 121   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Booth, K. and Luker, K. (2004). The changing face of cancer care in the UK: can nurses help to structure new services?. European Journal of Cancer Care,13(3):246-253. 112   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2004). Are we ready for the Electronic Patient Record? Attitudes and perceptions of staff from two NHS trust hospitals. Health Informatics Journal,10(4):265-276. 112   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Beaver, Kinta and Luker, Karen A. (2004). Perspectives of brast care nurses on research dissemination and utilisation. Clinical Effectivness in Nursing,8(1):47-58. 56   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2003). A patient-focused evaluation of breast care nurse specialist services in North Wales. Clinical Effectivness in Nursing,7(1):18-29. 64   0
Booth, K., Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Eastwood, L. and Luker, K. (2001). Guidance on commissioning cancer services: an investigation of the implications for nursing. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing,5(2):73-80. 162   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (1998). Review: use of hormone replacement therapy in the past 5 years is associated with an inreceased risk of breast cancer. Evidence-Based Nursing,1(3):87-87. 41   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (1998). Neutropenia: more than a low neutrophil count. ,2(2):115-122. 105   0
Kirshbaum, Marilynne (1996). The development, implementation and evauluation of guidelines for the management of breast cancer related lymphoedema. European Journal of Cancer Care,5(4):246-251. 45   0
Ricketts, Tom and Kirshbaum, Marilynne (1994). Helpfulness of mental health day care: client and staff views. Journal of Advanced Nursing,20(2):297-306. 102   0
Burton, Rob and Kirshbaum, Marilynne (). Supporting international students on professional doctorate programmes. Word Based Learning eJournal International,1:109-121. 55 42
Kirshbaum, Marilynne, Olson, K., Graffigna, G, and Pongthavornkamol (). An Ethnoscience Approach to Develop a Cross-Cultural Understanding of Fatigue. Current Oncology,17(5):80 (P12)-80. 59 233
Conference Papers (1)
Burton, Bob and Kirshbaum, Marilynne (2012). Curriculum Considerations for International Students on Professional Doctorate Courses: A<br />Perspective from the United Kingdom. In: 3rd International Conference on Professional Doctorates: ICPD 3, Florence, Italy, 2nd-3rd April 2012. 39 34
All Others (1)
Kirshbaum, Marilynne N. (2016). Open Access journals : perspective from a former Editor-in-Chief Professor Marilynne N. Kirshbaum, , , Charles Darwin University. 66 21