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Book Chapters (12)
Black, Paul (2010). Co-narration of a Koko-Bera story: Giants in Cape York Peninsula. In Baker, Brett, Mushin, Ilana, Harvey, Mark and Gardner, Rod(Ed.), Indigenous language and social identity: Papers in honour of Michael Walsh. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University. (pp. 261-274). 60 7
Black, Paul (2009). Kurtjar placenames. In Koch, Harold and Hercus, Luise(Ed.), Aboriginal placenames : naming and re-naming the Australian landscape. Canberra: ANU E Press and Aboriginal History Inc.. (pp. 481-496). 56 7
Black, Paul (2008). Riddling in Gidole. In Bengston, John D.(Ed.), In hot pursuit of language in prehistory: Essays in the four fields of anthropology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (pp. 49-53). 68 10
Black, Paul (2008). Pronominal accretions in Pama-Nyungan. In Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn, Evans and Miceli, L. (Luisa)(Ed.), Morphology and language history: In honour of Harold Koch. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins. (pp. 99-106). 108 4
Black, Paul David (2007). Nganyaywana revisited: lessons from Terry Crowley's work on New England languages. In Siegel, Jeff, Lynch, John and Eades, Diana(Ed.), Language description, history and development: linguistic indulgence in memory of Terry Crowley. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing. (pp. 255-265). 142 6
Black, Paul (2007). New uses for old languages. In Walsh, Michael and Yallop, Colin(Ed.), Language and culture in Aboriginal Australia. Canberra, A.C.T.: Aboriginal Studies Press. (pp. 207-223). 59 8
Black, Paul (2004). What is communicative competence?. In Conlan, Chris(Ed.), Teaching English language in Australia: Theoretical perspectives and practical issues. Perth, W.A.: API Network, Australia Reserach Institute. (pp. 33-47). 93 5
Black, Paul (2004). The failure of the evidence of shared innovations in Cape York Peninsula. In Bowern, Claire and Koch, Harold(Ed.), Australian Languages: Classification and the comparative method. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins Pub.. (pp. 241-267). 82 6
Goebel, Zane and Black, Paul (2003). Language variation in Indonesia: A learner-centred multimedia exploration of the functions of Indonesian vis-à-vis regional languages. In Sudaryono(Ed.), Sang Motivator yang Sejati: Kumpulan Karangan Persembahan untuk Professor Drs. Sudjati [A True and Consistent Motivator: Essays in Honour of Professor Drs. Sudjati]. Semarang, Indonesia: Diponegoro University. (pp. 212-231). 81  
Black, Paul and Breen, G (2001). The School of Australian Lingusitics. In Simpson, J, Nash, D, Laughren, M, Austin, P and Alpher, B(Ed.), Forty Years On: Ken Hale and Australian Languages. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. (pp. 161-178). 37 1
Black, Paul and Breen, Gavan (2001). The School of Australian Linguistics. In Simpson, Jane, Nash, David, Laughren, Mary, Austin, Peter and Alpher, Barry(Ed.), Forty years on: Ken Hale and Australian languages. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. (pp. 161-178). 40 6
Black, Paul (1997). Lexicostatistics and Australian languages: Problems and prospects. In Tryon, Darrell and Walsh, Michael(Ed.), Boundary rider: Essays in honour of Geoffrey O'Grady. Canberra, A.C.T., Australia: Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. (pp. 51-69). 75 4
Journal Articles (20)
Kawano, Mikiko and Black, Paul (2007). Issues in recreational language classes. Babel,41(3):30-32. 55 6
Black, Paul (2007). [Review of] The non-Pama-Nyungan languages of northern Australia: comparative studies of the continent’s most linguistically complex region ; edited by Nicholas Evans. Aboriginal History Journal,31:190-193. 104 81
Black, Paul (2007). Lexicostatistics with massive borrowing: The case of Jingulu and Mudburra. Australian Journal of Linguistics,27(1):63-71. 119 141 0
Black, Paul (2007). Comments on Jacques Guy's 'Lexicostatistics as Chess'. Australian Journal of Linguistics,27(1):77-79. 100 111 0
Nakahara, Masumi and Black, Paul (2007). How I survived as an overseas teacher of Japanese in Australia. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics,30(1):6.1-6.17. 91  
Black, Paul (2006). Outside relationships of Australian languages. Mother Tongue,(11):259-261. 74 82
Black, Paul and Nakahara, Masumi (2006). Japanese signs as a learning resource?. Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching,3(S1):6-21. 136 40
Black, Paul (2006). M. Guilherme Critical citizens for an intercultural world: Foreign language education as cultural politics [Review]. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics,29(1):09.1-09.3. 49 79
Black, Paul and Goebel, Zane (2004). Nobody's a native speaker of everything: Teaching dialectical variety and code choice. Kajian Sastra: Jurnal Bidang Kebahasaan, Kesusastraan dan Kebudayaan [Kajian Sastra: Journal of Language, Literature and Culture],28(1):1-12. 61 76
Black, Paul and Goebel, Z (2004). Multivarietel Language Teaching. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,44:93-102. 37 1
Black, Paul and Goebel, Zane (2004). Multivarietal language teaching. Jimmon Shakai Kagaku Kenkyuu / Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Waseda University, Tokyo),(44):93-102. 46 101
Black, Paul and Goebel, Zane (2002). Multiliteracies and the Teaching of Indonesian. Babel,37(1):22-26. 80 19
Black, Paul (2002). What do computers know about language teaching?. LTANT: Language Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory,(Term1):2-4. 43 40
Black, Paul (2002). Linguistics: A short introduction. Ngoonjook: Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues,21:12-16. 46 1
Black, Paul (1993). Rethinking domain theory: Part II: What about code-mixing?. Ngoonjook: Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues,(8):44-57. 58 92
Black, Paul (1993). Unusual syllable structure in the Kurtjar language of Australia. Jimmon Shakai Kagaku Kenkyuu / Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Waseda University, Tokyo),(33):81-90. 103 105
Black, Paul (1992). Konsoid: An example of extreme dialectal differentiation. Jimmon Shakai Kagaku Kenkyuu / Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Waseda University, Tokyo),(32):99-104. 83 86
Black, Paul (1992). The dilemma of genre in teaching writing. ILT News,(92):93-102. 56 47
Black, Paul (1991). Purposeful writing: The Wadeye workshop and its basis. Aboriginal Child at School,19(3):23-38. 109 101
Black, Paul (1990). Rethinking domain theory: Part I: How should it be applied?. Ngoonjook: Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues,(3):22-31. 74 67
Conference Papers (7)
Chen, Zongmin and Black, Paul (2014). Non-award language courses: Designing a Confucius Institute program for Mandarin Chinese<br />. In: Second National LCNAU Colloquium, Canberra, 3-5 July 2013. 59  
Black, Paul and Chen, Zongmin (2013). Mandarin comes to Darwin: How a Language Adapts to an Australian Situation. In: Applied Linguistics Association of Australia National Conference 2012: Evolving Paradigms: Language and Applied Linguistics in a Changing World, Perth, WA, 12-14 November 2012. 97 56
Black, Paul (2006). Equilibrium theory applied to Top End Australian languages. In: Allan, Keith 2005 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society, Melbourne, 28-30 September 2005. 51 29
Black, Paul (2005). Ethnoreconstruction in Kok-Paponk. In: Fortescue, Michael, Jensen, Eva Skafte, Mogensen, Jens Erik and Schosler, Lene 16th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Copenhagen, 11-15 August 2003. 97 6
Goebel, Zane and Black, Paul (2001). Teaching language variety. In: 2001 National Congress of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, Canberra, 6-8 July 2001. 38 4
Black, Paul and Goebel, Zane (2001). A student-centered multimedia exploration of code choice in Indonesia. In: FLEAT IV: The Fourth Conference on Foreign Language Education and Technology, Kobe, Japan, 21 July - 1 August 2000. 55 8
Black, Paul (2000). Web-based research: The example of Ebonics. In: Northern Territory Institute for Educational Research: Symposium May 2000, Darwin, May 2000. 44 4
All Others (2)
Lor, Tithchanbunnamy (2016). Factors impacting on school retention rates of lower secondary school female students in rural Cambodia and ways forward : a case study. Master of Education Thesis, Charles Darwin University. 59 67
Black, Paul David : Lexicostatistical data (raw and derived text files) on 200 basic words in each of 95 Indoeuropean languages as collected/collated by Professor Isidore Dyen circa 1960. 244 28