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Journal Articles (27)
Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Lester, Leanne, Foxcroft, David R., Ramsden, Robyn and Venning, Lynne (2016). Smoking Prevention for Students: Findings From a Three-Year Program of Integrated Harm Minimization School Drug Education<br />. Substance Use and Misuse,51(3):395-407. 111   0
Geng, Gretchen and Midford, Richard (2015). Investigating First Year Education Students' Stress Level. Australian Journal of Teacher Education,40(6 - Article No. 1). 140 113 0
Midford, Richard, Ramsden, Robyn, Lester, Leanne, Cahill, Helen, Mitchell, Johanna, Foxcroft, David R. and Venning, Lynne (2015). Alcohol Prevention and School Students - Findings From an Australian 2-Year Trial of Integrated Harm minimization School Drug Education. Journal of Drug Edcuation,. 57   0
Midford, Richard, Foxcroft, David R., Cahill, Helen, Ramsden, Robyn and Lester, Leanne (2015). Rejoinder to Dennis Gorman's critique of: "Preventing alcohol harm: Early results from a cluster randomised, controlled trial in Victoria, Australia of comprehensive harm minimisation school drug education". International Journal of Drug Policy,26(8):721-722. 100   1
Geng, Gretchen, Midford, Richard and Buckworth, Jenny (2015). Investigating the Stress Levels of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Pre-service Teachers during Teaching Practicum. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability,17(1):35-47. 150 109 0
Cahill, Helen, Coffey, Julia, Lester, Leanne, Midford, Richard, Ramsden, Robyn and Venning, Lynne (2014). Influences on teachers' use of participatory learning strategies in health education classes. Health Education Journal,73(6):702-713. 114   0
Lester, Leanne, Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Mitchell, Johanna, Ramsden, Robyn, Foxcroft, David R. and Venning, Lynne (2014). Cannabis and Harm Minimisation Drug Education: Findings from the Drug Education in Victorian Schools Study. Journal of Addiction & Prevention,2(1). 137 108 0
Mitchell, Johanna, Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Ramsden, Robyn, Lester, Leanne, Venning, Lynne, Davenport, Gillian, Pose, Michelle and Murphy, Bernadette (2013). Smoking prevention: what benefits are indicated by a pilot school drug education programme that focuses on minimising harm?. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education,51(2):95-107. 108   0
Midford, Richard, Mitchell, Johanna, Lester, Leanne, Cahill, Helen, Foxcroft, David, Ramsden, Robyn, Venning, Lynne and Pose, Michelle (2013). Preventing alcohol harm: Early results from a cluster randomised, controlled trial in Victoria, Australia of comprehensive harm minimisation school drug education. International Journal of Drug Policy,25(1):142-150. 123   12
Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Foxcroft David, Lester, Leanne, Venning, Lynne, Ramsden, Robyn and Pose, Michelle (2012). Drug education in victorian schools (DEVS): the study protocol for a harm reducation focused school drug education trail. BMC Public Health,12(1). 46 30 4
Davenport, Gillian, Midford, Richard, Ramsden, Robyn, Cahill, Helen, Venning, Lynne, Lester, Leanne, Murphy, Bernadette and Pose, Michelle (2012). Starting to drink: The experiences of Australian lower Secondary students with Alcohol. Journal of Drug Education,42(1):87-98. 91   0
Lee, Lorraine, Midford, Richard and Malone, Sally (2012). The Dampier Peninsula Prevention Project: working with a group of remote Australian Aboriginal communities to address alcohol and drug use. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education,50(3):111-124. 76   3
Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Ramsden, Ramsden, Davenport, Gillian, Venning, Lynne, Lester, Leanne, Murphy, Bernadette and Pose, Michelle (2012). Alcohol prevention: What can be expected of harm reduction focused school drug education programme?. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy,19(2):102-110. 118   13
Grace, Jocelyn, Krom, Ineke, Maling, Caitlin, Butler, Tony and Midford, Richard (2011). Review of Indigenous offender health. Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin,11(2). 40  
Midford, Richard, MacLea, Sarah, Catto, Michelle, Thomson, Neil and Debuyst, Olivier (2011). Review of volatile substance use among Indigenous people. Australian Indigenous HealthReviews,(6). 68  
Thomson, Neil, Midford, Richard, Debuyst, Olivier and MacRae, Andrea (2010). Review of Indigenous male health. Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin,10(4). 34  
Velander, F., Schineanu, A., Liang, W. and Midford, R. (2010). Digging for gold and coming up blue: a health survey in the mining industry. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment,26(5):389-401. 119  
Velander, Fredrik, Schineanu, Andreia and Midford, Richard (2010). Attitudes and knowledge of alcohol related harm minimization initiatives in a rural Australian city: A baseline survey. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy,17(4):354-369. 92   0
Midford, Richard, Young, Deidra, Chikritzhs, Tanya, Playford, Denese, Kite, Elaine and Pascal, Richard (2010). The effect of alcohol sales and advertising restrictions on a remote Australian community. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy,17(1):21-41. 111   0
Midford, Richard (2010). Drug prevention programmes for young people: where have we been and where should we be going?. Addiction,105(10):1688-1695. 103   3
Midford, Richard (2008). Preventing Youth Substance Abuse: Science-Based Programs for Children and Adolescents (Book Review) Patrick Tolan, Jose Szapocnik & Soledad Sambrano (Eds), Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2007 : ISBN 978 159147 307 7. Drug and Alcohol Review,27(5):575-576. 38   0
Midford, Richard (2008). [Commentary] Is this the path to effective prevention?. Addiction,103(7):1169-1170. 94   9
Midford, Richard (2007). Themes from the Symposium. Substance Use & Misuse,42(12-13):2099-2102. 19   0
Midford, Richard, Midford, Sarah and Farringdon, Fiona (2007). School Leaver (Graduate) Celebrations in Margaret River, Western Australia: A Community Approach to Management. Substance Use & Misuse,42(12-13):1915-1932. 94   0
Midford, Richard (2007). Drug education and other prevention programmes for students. Drug and Alcohol Review,26(6):573-575. 97   0
Boots, Kevin and Midford, Richard (2007). Involving Stakeholders in the Evaluation of Community Alcohol Projects: Findings a Balance Between Subjective Insight and Objective Facts. Substance Use & Misuse,42(12-13):1955-1969. 17   0
Midford, Richard (2007). Is Australia 'fair dinkum' about drug education in schools?. ,26(4):421-427. 91   3
Conference Papers (1)
Geng, Gretchen, Buckworth, Jenny, Crerar, Janice M., Robbins, Donna, Kersten, Therese and Midford, Richard (2015). Development of an engagement framework for a first year teacher education program. In: 24th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum 2015, The University of Western Australia, WA, 29-30 January 2015. 42  
All Others (1)
Midford, Richard, McKenzie, John and Mayhead, Rachel (2016). 'It fits the needs of the community': Long-term evaluation of the Norseman Voluntary Liquor Agreement<br />. Deakin West, ACT: Fare - Foundation for Alcohol Resarch & Education. 35