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Book Chapters (3)
Dunn, S (2009). Who's missing: where's the consumer?. In Willis, E, Reynolds, L and Keleher, H(Ed.), Understanding the Australian health care system. Sydney: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. (pp. 291-300). 68 1
Dunn, SV (2009). What's missing? Where's the consumer?. In Willis, E, Reynolds, L and Keleher, H(Ed.), Understanding the Australian Health Care System‎. Sydney: Elsevier. (pp. 291-300). 34 1
Willis, E., Dwyer, J. and Dunn, Sandra V. (2008). The collectivity of healthcare: multidisciplinary team care. In Sorensen, R. and Iedema, R.(Ed.), Managing Clinical Processes in Health Services. Chatswood: Elsevier Mosby. (pp. 87-102). 56 1
Journal Articles (23)
Bradley, Patricia, Cunningham, Teresa E., Lowell, Anne, Nagel, Tricia M. and Dunn, Sandra V. (2016). Secondary analysis of data can inform care delivery for Indigenous women in an acute mental health inpatient unit. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing,. 96   3
Foskett, D,, Lang, E.G.,, King, B.R.,, Miller, M.N., Dunn, Sandra and Price, D.A. (2015). Initiation of insulin pump therapy in children at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes resulted in improved long-term glycaemic control<br />. Pediatric Diabetes,. 35  
Bradley, Patricia, Dunn, Sandra V., Lowell, Anne and Nagel, Tricia M. (2015). Acute mental health service delivery to Indigenous women: What is known?. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing,24(6):471-477. 115   4
Cashin, Andrew, Heartfield, Marie, Cox, Darlene, Dunn, Sandra V. and Stasa, Helen (2015). Knowledge and motivation: two elements of health literacy that remain low with regard to nurse practitioners in Australia<br />. Australian Health Review,39(4):470-475. 117   9
Cashin, Andrew, Dunn, Sandra V., Buckley, Thomas, Donoghue, Judith, Heartfield, Marie, Bryce, Julianne, Cox, Darlene, Gosby, Helen and Kelly, John (2015). Development of the Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice Australia. Policy Politics and Nursing Practice,16(1-2):27-37. 102   3
Buckley, Thomas, Stasa, Helen, Cashin, Andrew, Stuart, Meg and Dunn, Sandra V. (2015). Sources of information used to support quality use of medicines: Findings from a national survey of nurse practitioners in Australia. American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Journal,27(2):87-94. 109   5
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Chai-Coetzer, C, Antic, N, Rowland, L, Reed, R, Esterman, A, Catcheside, P, Eckermann, Simon, Vowles, Norman, Williams, Helena, Dunn, Sandra and McEvoy, R (2013). Primary Care vs Specialist Sleep Center Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Daytime Sleepiness and Quality of Life. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association,309(10):997-1004. 111   Cited 20 times in Scopus20 5
Lowell, Anne, Maypilama, Elaine, Yikaniwuy, Stephanie, Rrapa, Elizabeth, Williams, Robyn L. and Dunn, Sandra V. (2012). "Hiding the story": Indigenous consumer concerns about communication related to chronic disease in one remote region of Australia. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology,14(3):200-208. 225 382 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 5
Dollard, Maureen, Opie, Tessa, Lenthall, Sue, Wakerman, John, Knight, Sabrina, Dunn, Sandra, Rickard, G and Macleod, Martha (2012). Psychosocial safety climate as an antecedent of work characteristics and psychological strain: A multilevel model. Work & Stress,26(4):385-404. 234   Cited 5 times in Scopus5 2
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Opie, Tessa, Lenthall, Sue, Wakerman, John, Dollard, Maureen, Macleod, Martha, Knight, Sabina, Rickard, G and Dunn, Sandra (2011). Occupational stress in the Australian nursing workforce: A comparison between hospital-based nurses and nurses working in very remote communities. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing,28(4):36-43. 170   Cited 2 times in Scopus2
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Dunn, Sandra and Burnett, Paul (1995). The development of a clinical learning environment scale. Journal of Advanced Nursing,22(6):1166-1173. 127 176 0