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Journal Articles (33)
Wearne, Susan, Dornan, Tim, Teunissen, Pim and Skinner, Timothy (2015). Supervisor Continuity or Co-Location: Which Matters in Residency Education? Findings From a Qualitative Study of Remote Supervisor Family Physicians in Australia and Canada. Academic Medicine,90(4):525-531. 41   2
McNeill, Ilona M., Dunlop, Patrick D., Skinner, Timothy C. and Morrison, David L. (2015). Predicting delay in residents' decisions on defending v. evacuating through antecedents of decision avoidance. International Journal of Wildland Fire,24(2):153-161. 41   1
Wearne, Susan M., Teunissen, Pim W., Dornan, Tim and Skinner, Timothy C. (2015). Physical isolation with virtual support: Registrars' learning via remote supervision. Medical Teacher,37(7):670-676. 58   1
Holmes-Truscott, E., Skinner, Timothy, Pouwer, Frans and Speight J. (2015). Negative appraisals of insulin therapy are common among adults with Type 2 diabetes using insulin: Results from Diabetes MILES - Australia corss-sectional survey<br />. Diabetic Medicine,32(10):1297-1303. 83 28 16
Skinner, Timothy C., Peetz, David, Strachan, Glenda, Whitehouse, Gillian, Bailey, Janis and Broadbent, Kaye (2015). Self-reported harassment and bullying in Australian universities: explaining differences between regional, metropolitan and elite institutions. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management,37(5):558-571. 78   24
Olaithe, Michelle, Skinner, Timothy C., Hillman, David, Eastwood, Peter E. and Bucks, Romola S. (2015). Cognition and nocturnal disturbance in OSA: the importance of accounting for age and premorbid intelligence. Sleep and Breathing,19(1):221-230. 66   1
Petrak, Frank, Baumeister, Harald, Skinner, Timothy, Brown, Alex and Holt, Richard I. G. (2015). Depression and diabetes: Treatment and health-care delivery. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology,3(6):475-485. 114   27
Oguoma, Victor M., Nwose, Ezekiel U., Skinner, Timothy C., Digban, Kester A., Onyia, Innocent Chukwu and Richards, Ross S. (2015). Prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors among a Nigerian adult population: relationship with income level and accessibility to CVD risks screening. BMC Public Health,15(Article No. 1709). 87 124 0
Lim, S., O'Reilly, Sharleen, Behrens, H., Skinner, Timothy C., Skinner, Isabelle and Dunbar, James A. (2015). Effective strategies for weight loss in post-partum women: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Obesity Reviews,16(11):972-987. 62   65
Davis, Timothy M. E., Hunt, Kerry, Bruce, David G., Starkstein, Sergio, Skinner, Timothy, McAullay, Daniel and Davis, Wendy A. (2015). Prevalence of depression and its associations with cardio-metabolic control in Aboriginal and Anglo-Celt patients with type 2 diabetes: The Fremantle Diabetes study Phase II. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice,107(3):384-391. 61   1
Ellis, Isabelle K., Skinner, Timothy C., Bhana, A., Voon, N. and Longley, K. (2014). Health priorities in an Australian mining town: An Intercept Survey. Rural and Remote Health,14(2 - Article No. 2788). 70 12 Cited 0 times in Scopus0
Skinner, Timothy, Bruce, David, Davis, Timothy and Davis, Wendy A. (2014). Personality traits, self-care behaviours and glycaemic control in Type 2 diabetes: The Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase II. Diabetic Medicine,31(4):487-492. 61   2
Skinner, Timothy, Khunti, K., Carey, M. E., Dallosso, H. M., Heller, S. and Davies, M. J. (2014). Stability and predictive utility, over 3 years, of the illness beliefs of individuals recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetic Medicine,31(10):1260-1263. 63   16
Lawn, Sharon, Delany, Toni, Sweet, Linda, Battersby, Malcolm and Skinner, Timothy C. (2014). Control in chronic condition self-care management: How it occurs in the health worker-client relationship and implications for client empowerment. Journal of Advanced Nursing,70(2):383-394. 62   3
Dunlop, Patrick D., McNeill, Ilona M., Boylan, Jessica L., Morrison, David L. and Skinner, Timothy C. (2014). Preparing ... for what? Developing multi-dimensional measures of community wildfire preparedness for researchers, practitioners and households. International Journal of Wildland Fire,23(6):887-896. 69   7
Shih, Sophy T. F., Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie, Janus, Edward D., Wildey, Carol, Versace, Vincent L., Hagger, Virginia, Asproloupos, Dino, O'Reilly, Sharleen L., Phillips, Paddy A., Ackland, Michael, Skinner, Timothy C., Oats, Jeremy, Carter, Rob, Best, James D. and Dunbar, James A. (2014). Mothers after gestational diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention Program (MAGDA-DPP) post-natal intervention: an update to the study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials,15(1):259-1-259-2. 113 64 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 1
Cheek, Colleen, Bridgman, Heather, Fleming, Theresa, Cummings, Elizabeth, Ellis, Leonie, Lucassen, Mathijs F.G., Shepherd, Matthew and Skinner, Timothy (2014). Views of young people in rural Australia on SPARX, a fantasy world developed for New Zealand youth with depression. Journal of Medical Internet Research,2(1 - Article No. e3). 50   Cited 0 times in Scopus0 6
Carey, M. E., Mandalia, P. K., Daly, H., Gray, Laura J., Hale, R., Stacey, L. Martin, Taub, Nick, Skinner, Timothy C., Stone, Margaret, Heller, S., Khunti, K. and Davies, M. J. (2014). Increasing capacity to deliver diabetes self-management education: results of the DESMOND lay educator non-randomized controlled equivalence trial. Diabetic Medicine,31(11):1431-1438. 115   15
Ellis, Isabelle K., Cheek, C., Jaffray, L. and Skinner, Timothy C. (2013). Making a case for telehealth: measuring the carbon cost of health-related travel. Rural and Remote Health,13(4):2723-1-2723-7. 105 153 Cited 1 times in Scopus1
Thomas, M, Loftus, A, Whitworth, S, Gasson, N, Baker, R, Skinner, T and Bucks, R (2013). Personality Affects Aspects of Health-Related Quality of Life in Parkinson's Disease via Psychological Coping strategies. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease,3(1):45-53. 54   0
McNeill, Ilona, Dunlop, Patrick, Heath, Jonathan, Skinner, Timothy and Morrison, D (2013). Expecting the Unexpected: Predicting Physiological and Psychological Wildfire Preparedness from Perceived Risk, Responsibility, and Obstacles. Risk Analysis: an international journal,33(10):1829-1843. 51  
Wearne, Susan, Dornan, Tim, Teunissen, Pim and Skinner, Timothy (2013). Twelve tips on how to set up postgraduate training via remote clinical supervision. Medical Teacher,35:891-894. 58  
Perrin, B.M, Swerissen, H, Payne, C.B and Skinner, Timothy (2013). Cognitive representations of peripheral neuropathy and self-reported foot-care behaviour of people at high risk of diabetes-related foot complications. Diabetic Medicine,Epub:1-5. 53  
Ellis, Isabelle, Deacon-Crouch, Melissa, Bhana, Ashwin, Longley, Kieran, Voon, Nicholas and Skinner, Timothy (2013). Reporting of non-prescribed medication usage in remote Australia: health-seeking habits in Port Headland. Australian Journal of Rural Health,21:350-351. 62  
Lawn, Sharon, Delany, Toni, Sweet, Linda, Battersby, Malcolm and Skinner, Timothy (2013). Barriers and enablers to good communication and information-sharing practices in care planning for chronic condition management. Australian Journal of Primary Health,Online:1-6. 118  
Skinner, Timothy, Allen, Penny, Peach, Elizabeth, Browne, Jessica, Pouwer, Frans, Speight, J and Dunbar, James (2013). Does the shortage of diabetes specialists in regional and rural Australia matter? Results from Diabetes MILES - Australia. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice,100:222-229. 72  
Neylon, Orla, O'Connell, Michele, Skinner, Timothy and Cameron, F (2013). Demographic and personal factors associated with metabolic control and self-care in youth with type 1 diabetes: a systematic review. Diabetes - Metabolism: Research and Reviews,29:257-272. 67  
Skinner, Timothy, McNeil, Lindsay, Olaithe, Michelle, Eastwood, Peter, Hillman, David, Phang, Janet, de, Regt and Bucks, Romola (2013). Predicting uptake of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy in obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA): a belief-based theoretical approach. Sleep and Breathing: international journal of the science and practice of sleep medicine,17(4):1229-1240. 93  
Brown, Alex, Mentha, Ricky, Rowley, Kevin, Skinner, Timothy C., Davy, Carol and O'Dea, Kerin (2013). Depression in Aboriginal men in central Australia: adaptation of the Patient Health Questionnaire 9. BMC Psychiatry,13:271-1-271-10. 111 86 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 10
Shih, Sophy T. F., Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie, Janus, Edward D., Wildey, Carol, Versace, Vincent L., Hagger, Virginia, Asproloupos, Dino, O'Reilly, Sharleen, Phillips, Paddy A., Ackland, Michael, Skinner, Timothy C., Oats, Jeremy, Carter, Rob, Best, James D. and Dunbar, James A. (2013). Mothers After Gestational Diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention Program (MAGDA-DPP) post-natal intervention: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials,14(1):339-1-339-10. 113 107 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 3
Skinner, Timothy C., Blick, Julie, Coffin, Juli, Dudgeon, Pat, Forrest, Simon and Morrison, David (2013). Comparative validation of self-report measures of negative attitudes towards Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. Rural and Remote Health,13(2):1959-1-1959-9. 246 359 Cited 0 times in Scopus0
Skinner, T, Lawson, S and Robertson, N (2010). Using the Common Sense Model to explain diabetes self-care. International Diabetes Monitor,22(6):259-264. 14  
Gillett, M., Dallosso, H., Dixon, S., Brennan, A., Carey, M. E., Campbell, M. J., Heller, S., Khunti, K., Skinner, Timothy C. and Davies, M. J. (2010). Delivering the diabetes education and self management for ongoing and newly diagnosed (DESMOND) programme for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: cost effectiveness analysis. BMJ: British Medical Journal,341(c4093):1-10. 81 63 14
Conference Papers (1)
Morrison, D., Skinner, Timothy, Lawrence, C., MacLeod, C., Buergelt, Petra T., Dunlop, P. and Clark, P. (2011). Information processing in the face of threat: A Multilevel Research Perspective. In: 5th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference, Gold Coast, Qld, 18-21 July 2011. 18  
All Others (1)
Oguoma, Victor Maduabuchi (2016). Prediabetes and metabolic syndrome in Nigerian adults : prevalence and risk screening. PhD Thesis, Charles Darwin University. 66 117