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Journal Articles (16)
Coupar, Ian, Irving, Helen, Manallack, David, Tan, Yean, Ayad, Fadi, Di, lulio Juliana, Tochon-Danguy, Nathalie and Iskander, Magdy (2012). Assessment of the pharmacological properties of 5-methoxyindole derivatives at 5-HT4 receptors. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology,64:1099-1106. 129  
Chetty, N., Coupar, I.M., Tan, Y.Y., Desmond, P.V. and Irving, H.R. (2009). Distribution of serotonin receptors and interacting proteins in the human sigmoid colon.. Neurogastroenterology & Motility,21(5):551-558. 105   0
du Bois, Teresa Marie, Hsu, Ching-Wen, Li, Yulin, Tan, Yean Yeow, Deng, Chao and Huang, Xu-Feng (2008). Altered dopamine receptor and dopamine transporter binding and tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA expression following perinatal NMDA receptor blockade. Neurochemical Research,33(7):1224-1231. 155   0
Irving, H.R., Tan, Y.Y., Tochon-Danguy, N., Liu, H., Chetty, N., Desmond, P.V., Pouton, C.W. and Coupar, I.M. (2007). Comparison of 5-HT4 and 5-HT7 receptor expression and function in the circular muscle of the human colon.. Life Sciences,80(13):1198-1205. 122   0
Rahardjo, Gita L., Huang, Xu-Feng, Tan, Yean Yeow and Deng, Chao (2007). Decreased plasma peptide YY accompanied by elevated peptide YY and Y2 receptor binding densities in the medulla oblongata of diet-induced obese mice.. Endocrinology,148(10):4704-4710. 122 114 0
Huang, Xu-Feng, Tan, Yean Yeow, Huang, Xin and Wang, Qing (2007). Effect of chronic treatment with clozapine and haloperidol on 5-HT(2A and 2C) receptor mRNA expression in the rat brain.. Neuroscience Research,59(3):314-321. 113   0
Iskander, Magdy N., Leung, Lok M., Buley, Trevor, Ayad, Fadi, Di Iulio, Juliana, Tan, Yean Y. and Coupar, Ian M. (2006). Optimization of a pharmacophore model for 5-HT4 agonists using CoMFA and receptor based alignment.. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,41(1):16-26. 125   0
du Bois, T.M., Deng, C., Tan, Y.Y and Huang, X.F. (2006). Brain development disruption from PCP causes behavioural deficits in the forced swim test in later life.. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry,40(Supplement s2):A113-A115. 53   1
Liu, H., Irving, H.R., Tan, Y.Y., Meng, L., Chetty, N. and Coupar, I.M. (2004). The influences of gender and region on responses to 5-HT in the rat small intestine.. Pharmacology,72(4):220-224. 115   0
Tan, Yean Yeow, Dawson, Nicola F., Kompa, Andrew R., Bond, Courtney P., Claasz, Antonia, Wade, John D., Tregear, Geoffrey W. and Summers, Roger J. (2002). Structural requirements for the interaction of sheep insulin-like factor 3 with relaxin receptors in rat atria.. European Journal of Pharmacology,457(2-3):153-160. 131   3
Mathieu, M. N., Wade, J. D., Tan, Y.Y., Summers, R. J. and Tregear, G. W. (2000). Novel synthetic strategy for the synthesis of template-assembled analogues of rat relaxin.. Journal of Peptide Science,6:235-242. 55   3
Tan, Y.Y., Wade, J.D., Tregear, G.W. and Summers, R.J. (1999). Quantitative autoradiographic studies of relaxin binding in rat atria, uterus and cerebral cortex: Characterisation and effects of oestrogen treatment.. British Journal of Pharmacology,127(1):91-98. 55   3
Dawson, N. F., Tan, Y.Y., Macris, M., Otvos, L. Jr., Summers, R. J., Tregear, G. W. and Wade, J. D. (1999). Solid phase synthesis of ovine Leydig cell insulin-like peptide - a putative ovine relaxin?. Journal of Peptide Research,53(5):542-547. 113   3
Tan, Y.Y., Wade, J.D., Tregear, G.W. and Summers, R.J. (1998). Comparison of relaxin receptors in rat isolated atria and uterus by use of synthetic and native relaxin analogues.. British Journal of Pharmacology,123(4):762-770. 125   9
Wade, J.D., Lin, F., Talbo, G., Otvos Jr., L., Tan, Y.Y. and Tregear, G.W. (1996). Solid phase synthesis and biological activity of rat relaxin. Biomedical Peptides, Proteins & Nucleic Acids,2(3):89-92. 41  
Tan, Y.Y. and Summers, R.J. (1995). beta-Adrenoceptor regulation in rat heart, lung and skin after chronic treatment with (-)-tertatolol or (-)-propranolol.. Journal of Autonomic Pharmacology,15(6):421-436. 64   0